Kife is part blog, part kindling for project output.

Topics of interest include: Running and outdoor adventure, editing and filmmaking, photography, investing, startup culture, creative parenting (dad of 2 young girls), web and mobile app development, fine art, coffee, cooking, writing, making, and life hacking.

Why do some posts change? Some project-based posts will be sub logs. Sub blogs. Sublogs. For example, an attempt to learn a new technique or build something may be continuously updated over a long period of time and I may modify the posted date as this occurs to bring it to the top of the stack.

Definition of kife: The word kife, as used here, refers to the bits of nature that float in a pot of tea that has been prepared on an open fire. These might include pine needles, bark, and other floaties, and are edible, but random and messy. The word may have originated at a summer canoe camp in Algonquin Park, Ontario.

Old history: In the late 90s, Kife.com was a “kitchen sink blog” based in Canada. A few real-world friends were invited to post semi-anonymously, and the site soon became a small, loosely edited community until it fizzled and was disbanded in 2001. It is now reborn late 2014.

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