In January 2011, I travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula with my dad and uncle. I wanted to do an “epic” trip with my dad, but it had to be something that both my wife and mom had little interest in doing — they aren’t boat fans.

Travelling to Antarctica was an amazing experience, and kayaking in those waters will be one of the highlights of my life.

We sailed on a very small research vessel that doubles as a passenger vessel during the tourist season. While there were many chances to get off the boat, most of the time is spent on board, watching the shoreline from deck. If the fog rolls in, there isn’t much you can do about it, so we were extremely lucky to get this good weather and visibility.

Video Notes

The video was shot on a Canon T2i at 720P 60fps, and the kayak shots are from a GoPro. I wish the footage was higher resolution, but alas, it is four years old now. There was 3 hours of footage cut down to less than 3 minutes. This has been my first project cut in FCPX, and I really liked the workflow for this kind of video.

Tidbit: Less than a month after this was shot, the red ship at 00:50 hit an uncharted rock, which led to the unloading of 80 passengers in the South Shetland Islands.

Travel Note

Travelling to Antarctica doesn’t have to be super-expensive, especially if you are already travelling in south Argentina. There were several backpackers on our boat who had signed up last-minute from port, getting very good deals in exchange for shared-room accommodations, as well as kayak access. It’s definitely something that is in the range of possibility, and is accessible to all ages.